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Abbie, 20, Birmingham City University, Wolverhampton, Uk.



I think this needs to be respected more than it is. Last night i felt very forced into something i didnt want to do. If you ask me to come back to “yours” and i say no….it means no. No! and if you continue to ask…and i continue to say no…it still means no. Trapping me into a corner will not make me say yes. Continuing to try and kiss me and touch me will not make me say yes. saying dirty things will not make me say yes…in fact all of the above are certainly pushing me even more away. Especially when you start grabbing my arm to stop me walking away. 
I lost people i went to town with last night…i wandered away and got caught up with another group i dont know as well. If some of my friends hadn’t noticed that i was having some difficulties and helped me…im not sure what would have happened. This has terrified me, and i am in tears writing this. I was excited someone was paying me attention and then when i realised what a dick they were…struggled to get out if it.Thank you Ollie and particularly Dan who got me home safe and knew me well enough to read that i was unhappy/struggling.This, i know is minor, but what could have happened, what was said and the forcefullness of it all terrified me. 

little shop of horrors- 1986